Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows users to experience any type of situation or environment without the need of expensive equipment or specialised training centers. At v-Labs we believe that VR is a great solution for medical trainings as it offers a cheap way to train for any type of medical work. Our team develops interactive, tailor made trainings and simulations for medical purposes.



We are dedicated to help improve and support medical trainings while reducing costs through innovation and technology.

With our trainings and simulations in virtual reality (VR) we aim to help our clients to improve their medical training. Our VR applications allow our clients to experience any type of situation and environment without the need of specialised training centers or expensive equipment. In fact, the user can be trained anywhere in the world. Therefore, we believe that our applications in virtual reality can greatly reduce the cost of trainings.


Since we understand the importance of quality, we are committed everyday to deliver the highest possible quality to our clients.


At v-Labs we believe that simulations should resemble realistic situations as it has a profound effect on the experience of a training. Simulations for training purposes has proven to be very successful in a wide range of industries.

Interactive training

Our trainings in virtual reality are fully interactive and support any type of medical training.