We specialise not only in architecture, but also in project and urban development. Our Virtual Reality models allow our clients to fully navigate their 3D designs and offer an opportunity to have a full scale, multi-sensorial experience of their creation ahead of time.

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An international firm of engineers, designers, architects and software developers specialising in virtual reality a wide range of development projects.

In project development ideas are converted from paper to real property, a complex process that encompasses many aspects of the real estate sector. An important part of the process is communicating the ideas to third parties. Virtual reality is an innovative technique that allows the user to experience a project in a fully immersive way and offers an unique opportunity to communicate real estate projects to potential clients.


Since we understand the importance of quality, we are committed everyday to deliver the highest possible quality to our clients.

From paper to reality

A project developer converts a design from paper into reality. With our virtual reality solutions we aim to help developers and architects to easily communicate their ideas to their shareholders.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Project development is a complex business that entails an entrepreneurial mindset: A mindset we strongly embrace at v-Labs. We are a flexible and solution focussed team allowing us to work efficiently and in close collaboration with our clients.