Products & Services

Maintenance & Engineering

Mixed Reality is revolutionising the way companies operate in the field.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of the revolution and we are focussed on providing software solutions that integrate seamlessly with operational processes. Our software allows our clients to increase their operational efficiency and cut back on their OPEX.

Maintenance & Engineering
Our software is designed to be used in a mixed reality headset, like the Microsoft Hololens. The user wearing the headset can operate it hands free and control the application through voice and gesture commands.

Software modules

  • Operational guidance: When the user needs to operate or maintain equipment, our software, through object recognition, can display 3D data directly on the real equipment. This can be something as simple as showing the user the function of all the different parts and their relevant data, or it can be a complex set of operations that shows the user what actions to take during maintenance, for example: Indicating what button needs to be pressed or what part needs to be replaced.
  • Training: The 3D models that we use for the operational guidance can also be displayed when the engineer is not in the presence of the actual physical asset. Since the 3D models are highly detailed and at true scale they are ideal for training engineers in a cost effective way.
  • Visualising documents & asset data: The user can easily display 2D data such as manuals, schematics, drawings or other asset data. The documents/data can be placed next to the equipment without obstructing the view. This allows the user to easily access data without having to hold tablets, paper drawings or other documents. Everything is accessible through the headset.
  • Points of interest: The user can leave a virtual note (audio, video and text) in a location in the real world. The note will stay there and can be viewed by somebody else (independent of the Hololens headset he or she is wearing).
  • Safety zones: The Hololens can be used to alert engineers on high risk areas in the field increasing the safety of the engineer.
  • Communication: The user wearing the headset can ask assistance to a person in front of a standard computer located anywhere in the world. The latter will be able to see the same mixed reality as is shown to the user with the headset. This way he or she can guide the engineer in the field through complex tasks and provide assistance. This functionality also allows control centers to follow maintenance work increasing the safety and security of the work done in the field.

Design & Architectural visualisation

We offer 3D design visualisation through Virtual Reality or browser-based visualisation tools.

Virtual Reality
We have extensive experience in developing interactive Virtual Realty environments for architectural design and shipbuilding. We help our clients to visualise their 3D design in Virtual Reality through for example the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive or the Gear VR. Each of these headsets has its own advantages and disadvantages. Contact us for inquiries.

Browser-based 3D visualisation
We offer innovative tools to easily visualise your 3D models in a browser and share them with anybody around the world. No need for expensive hardware! Anybody with a laptop, smartphone or tablet is able to view and navigate through your 3D models simply by using your internet browser!

Training & Serious Gaming

We offer interactive training (serious games) allowing trainings to be more fun, interesting and effective for the trainee.

Our training solutions are practical and to the point. We offer trainings that are easy to use for anybody that works in the field. In principle we develop trainings for virtual and mixed reality headsets such as the GearVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the Microsoft Hololens, but on request, we can also transform the trainings for the use on laptops and PCs running on Windows and MacOS.