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We create:
Virtual and Mixed Reality solutions for B2B applications.
With our innovative software solutions, we aim to help our clients to reach their operational excellence goals, visualise 3D modelling projects and develop innovative interactive trainings.

Products & Services

Maintenance & Engineering

Support engineers in their work and improve operational excellence by bringing data and 3D visualisation to the field.

Design & online 3D visualisation

Be immersed and explore your 3D design through our virtual reality and online visualisation solutions.

Training & Serious Gaming

Improve the effectiveness of your trainings through our interactive, serious gaming solutions. For an internet browser, in VR or for a PC/laptop.


Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality

Companies that used our services

Successfully tested our 3D streaming solution at Total E&P Netherlands.

Our advisory board

Armand Lumens: CFO of Louis Dreyfus Company

The combination of v-Labs technology, know-how and entrepreneurship provides an unique value proposition for architects, real-estate, construction and industrial maintenance. This Swiss start-up has the potential to shape the landscape in virtual and mixed reality applications, through their bespoke customer solutions and by means of partnerships with other software companies.”

François-Philippe Pic: CEO of Red Tape

v-Labs vision and ability to deliver ground-breaking solutions that will greatly improve operational efficiency have instantaneously convinced me. The fields of application and potential are enormous for this team. They are able to combine innovative hardware with intelligently designed software.”