Augmented reality for cm accurate geospatial data

The first industrial grade AR solution for surveyors & contractors

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Visualize underground pipes and cables with centimeter accuracy

Our solution allows you to easily visualize complex data (GIS) directly on the work site, with centimeter accuracy.

This allows the operators to see the exact emplacement of all the underground pipes and cables, such as: water, gas, electricity, sewage and telecommunications.

Target industry

Municipalities and grid operators:

  • Reduce damages to underground infrastructure
  • Correct discrepancies of data directly on the field
  • Engage with citizens by showing civil projects in advance


  • Reduce damages to underground infrastructures
  • Accelerate excavation works
  • Reduce safety risks and incidents
  • Allow field supervisors to quickly gain an understanding of the underground infrastructure


We have gone to great lengths to offer a solution that is really effective and usable for people that want to get the job done!

To achieve this we integrated state of the art techniques:

  • Local positioning system: this guarantees that the data is always geolocated correctly in the real world within 10 cm
  • Blending with the real world: the data is projected directly on the ground by using depth cameras, so that the operator knows exactly where he needs to dig
  • GNSS/RTK: portable precise positioning system up to 2 cm

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